30 April 2004

(39) If Only In Our Dreams

Raven of my nightly dreams,
Man links your name with plots and schemes.
Their hearts are really jealous!
You're all they'll never be.
Your dark eyes can recognize
What they can never see.
You've seen their greed in farmer's fields,
in scarecrows stuffed with hay.
They begrudge you any morsel,
and chase your kin away.
You've seen how fickle they can be.
They capture things that God made free.
Dogs and horses,
Cows and steers,
Man keeps as slaves for all their years.
Then once their usefulness is gone,
Man kills them all,
And just goes on.
Man thinks his kind to be ideal,
And hates your knowing that's not real.
He judges you an omen
Of "evil things to come."
He can't see through his bigotry.
Your kind is not so dumb.
Your race is one with nature.
His has only what it takes!
They even fight amongst themselves.
You make no such mistakes.
A few of us, however,
Know what you truly are.
Your kind is free and happy.
You out match my race by far.
Ravens never quarrel.
Ravens don't have greed
For everything they ask from life,
They give back ten indeed.
Countless legends everywhere
The raven's kin have sired.
What poems, songs, and paintings,
The raven has inspired.
There are some who truly love your kind,
No matter how it seems.
We aspire to be like ravens,
if only in our dreams.