08 January 2006

(86) Chakra Rap

I look at crows from several perspectives. From a Chinese medical perspective, crows represent the water element, or kidney energy. Hence crows bring magic and healing to issues of the kidney meridian such as fertilty, sexuality, developing will power or the ablity to express one's true self in the world. From a chakra perspective, they match the first and second chakras as well as the 5th and 6th chakras. This gives them exceptional power because they can help us in 4 out of 7 chakras! This does not mean that they cannot help with the other chakras too, but they have special strength especially in the ones I mentioned. When the 7 chakras are laid out with the 4th being the bridge between the physical/emotional and the intellectual/spiritual, there is always a mirror so what helps on the 1st, will also help on the 5th. You can take each of the chakras I mentioned and think of which of the chakras need healing and how the crow can help you. For example, take the 5th chakra, the throat chakra, if you listen to the caw of the crows, they are master communicators. Place the crow in your throat chakra to help you not just communicate better, but express your true self (crow eggs are blue, by the way, the color of the throat chakra).
On a spiritual level, from a Vedic perspecitive, crows represent the planet Saturn, which is the planet that can cause problems in people's charts. By feeding crow, especially on Saturday, you can appease Saturn's influence and move obstacles out of your life.
For those of you who have read "Autobiography of a Yogi" and know who Babaji is, when Babaji comes to the earth plane, he often comes in the form of a crow or a raven. So when you feed crows, in essence you could be feeding an enlighened being and not even know it! :) Or if a crow comes your way, even in the form of a flock, (s)he could be sending you a special blessing or message, which you then go to the issues I mentioned to decipher