04 July 2004

(48) In The Eye of the Raven

It is near twilight
When curtains of stars die
As a last sparkle
In the waning nightsky.

It is her last night.
Lying on a bed of dead roses,
Wrapped in wormwood
and mind-spoken curses

She is old and alone
Except for the raven;
A shadow on a bed post
With the promise of hell or heaven.

In the eye of the raven
The heart beats between
Eternity and tomorrow.

"I am alone and dying,"
She tells the black deathwatcher.
"Why is there no one who cares?"
She cries in lonesome anger.

His gold eyes blink once
As he shakes his glossy head
And gives a coarse caw
Which fills her with dread.

"Is it all my doing?"
She demands of her deathwatcher.
"Why is it my fault? My wrong"
She asks, scared of his answer.

In the heart of the raven
Lies all lies ever spoken
And the truth of the ages.

"I did not ask for his pity!"
She cries in harsh anger.
"I did not ask for his love,"
She adds more quietly.

His gold eyes stare unblinking
As he lifts his noble head
And stares into her eyes,
Speaking words of the dead.

"What lessons have I learnt?"
She asks the black deathwatcher.
"How can you help me now?"
Her tears ask ever softer.

In the soul of the raven
Rests dark timeless peace
And the secret way to eternity.

"I am so sorry and alone,"
She whispers so softly.
"Can you please help me?"
She asks the raven shyly.

His gold eyes close once
As he lowers his dark head
For her light touch
And watch her last smile fade.

It is the end of twilight.
In the sun's rising glory
Two souls take flight
From now to the lands of eternity.