29 August 2004

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Several years ago I had a date for the weekend with my girlfriend back then, who was living in the northern part of Holland (Groningen).

When I arrived at her place saturday afternoon, she opened the door for me and looked at me rather angrily. She said (well, she yelled actually): "Why were you standing in front of my house, yesterday? Feeding crumbs to those bloody crows? And why did you ran away when I went outside to see you, eh?! Were you stalking me or what??"

After picking up my lower jaw from the floor, I told her I had been working all day the day before and that it couldn't have been me who had been standing in front of her door. I even told her to call one of my collegues who I had been working with most of the day. She was so angry she did just that, call my collegue, after first 'demanding' me to give her his phone number. During her very short talk with my collegue on the phone, I could hear him say ( I was standing close by the phone) that he didn't know what the fuck was the matter with her, because I had been at my work all day. She cursed at him and said something like him covering up for me and smacked down the horn.

After that I asked her to please cool down and tell me exactly what she thought she had seen the day before.
She said that it was friday morning and she was doing the dishes in the kitchen. She felt somebody was looking at her and watched out of the kitchen window. She saw 'me' standing there, 'me' wearing a long, black leather coat. 'I' was feeding crumbs or something to a couple of crows. She watched in amazement for a minute and then ran through the kitchen to the living room, then through the hallway and opened the front door. She expected to see me, but all she saw was a couple of crows flying off, cawing, at the moment she opened the door.

She said she was damned sure it was me, she knew every inch of my face, would recognize my stature and posture from a mile distance and knew about my obsession with crows. She also said she knew of no one in the neighbourhood wearing a long, black leather coat like I owned at the time.

She was very convinced that it was me she had been watching from up close: 'I' had been standing in front of her house, feeding crows, at a distance of about 30 feet.
I could only contradict her by saying that you cannot feed crows like you feed pigeons: only if you raised those crows by hand, they will come close to you. Otherwise they'll fly away, and pick up those crumbs when you're far out of sight.

The argument took several hours and that weekend turned out badly.

She never ever really believed I had been working when she saw 'me' standing in front of her house and that I surely must have been lying through my teeth.