02 February 2006

(91) Harbinger of Death

Since this is a mystic place I shall tell you of one of my last experiences with the mystic. I was going to a friends house to spend the night as I do a few times a year, she lives about an hour and a half away. When I was getting quite close to her road I passed a crow on a telephone wire. Now I feed the crows where I live and many come when I call, so I know crows and have seen a few. This one looked at me funny, or at least it gave me a feeling of dread. The feeling was so over whelming, I slowed down thinking that something was going to happen. The rest of the trip was uneventful. I did not tell my friend, she was a deputy sheriff where we live and not given to flights of fancy. So I did not say a crow looked at me funny. But on my way home the next day I passed the same spot and the feeling of dread came back. As I got closer to home I needed gas, so at my exit I pulled off, a Brinks truck was in front of me and I thought if he stops at the garage I will not. I knew I was being silly but I thought that there may be a robbery and a stray bullet would hit the tank and that there would be an explosion. I was not at all worried I would be hit by a bullet. This was the only place I could get gas and I needed it as I might not make it home. I said as I was pulling up that I was being silly but then when the moment came I turned and went home. All the way home I laughed at myself for my foolishness. I told my friend next door, we laughed at my foolishness. My husband wanted to know HOW the crow looked funny, which I could not say as I did not know. Three days later a cargo plane crashed and exploded and took out the pole the crow sat on, killing all seven people on board. Crows the harbinger of death, I know why people got that idea.