21 November 2004

(62) Raven Clan

Trickster and Teacher

In the environment of our Mother, the Earth, Raven acts as a scavenger, a needed balancing activity within the ecology. Raven is comfortable both in the sky and on the ground. Raven is symbolic as a link between people and earth.

Raven Clan people may be insecure when alone, preferring the company of others. They may find security and safety in numbers and work best within the security of a group.

Raven Clan people are wary and suspicious, but have a strong sense of loyalty to friends and family. Spiritually, the Raven represents creative thought brought into physical reality.

People of this Clan are good at gaining the confidence of others and in keeping secrets. They also have the ability to Balance well between different directions, and are good at remaining neutral, which makes them good negotiators.

They may have difficulty making and following through with decisions. They enjoy soaring from one thing to another but may have a problem in completing tasks, as they have a short attention span. For them, being consistent can be a real challenge.

By nature, they are restless, pleasant, artistic, social and enjoy talking. People of this Clan enjoy new experiences. They may be extremely sensitive to both positive and negative energies from others. Occasionally, they may exhibit a tendency to scrabble and quarrel or display stubbornness. They will put much effort and energy into work but may have difficulty in finding time for relaxation. They have an innate dislike of muddle and confusion. Tact and diplomacy are often their strong points.

Raven Clan people have a deep spiritual aspect. Due to their ambivalent nature, they prefer not to be faced with choices. Their main enemy is over indulgence. They exhibit a strong desire for harmony, justice and peace.

Raven Clan People love bright and shiny things around them in both dress and environment. They have a talent for making others question long held beliefs. Theirs is an unusual sense of humor that offers a unique slant on situations. This may frequently get them into trouble in their relationships as others around them may not appreciate or agree with this humor.