01 January 2005

(65) Farmer and the Crow

The Saloon Keeper’s Joke on Himself

A Farmer, who was pestered with crows, hit upon the plan of soaking some corn in whiskey and placing it in the field so that the crows would get drunk, and then he could easily close on them. After soaking some corn all night, he put a bountiful supply in the field the next morning, and in about two hours he went to see how things were progressing, and mark what followed. One old crow, a little larger than the rest, had gathered up and taken possession of all the soaked corn, and had built a himself a bar out of some clods of earth, and was retailing the whiskey-soaked corn to the other crows, charging them three grains of sprouted corn for one soaked grain. The farmer hadn’t the gall to kill creatures that acted so much like human beings.

Happy New Year !